If you own a substantial garden or an undeveloped piece of land, now could be the right time to unlock the financial potential. 

We are continuously seeking ideal land buying opportunities. With years of experience, we can advise any client on the ideal opportunity to pursue, and also lend a hand with the paperwork that comes with it.

We are always looking to help customers who are considering selling land, so please find below some potential FAQs which might help before you give us a call.

How do I know if my land is suitable for development?

You won’t know unless you get a professional to take a look! We experienced at identifying gardens with potential, and will be able to assess the land on our first visit to your property. Don’t worry, we’ll visit on a no obligation basis.

If I sell my land to you, will I have to pay extra taxes on my profit such as Capital Gains?

Because the rate and amount of tax you pay depends on individual circumstances, we suggest that you consult an independent accountant. You can find lots of useful information here on the .gov website.

How do I know that you won’t build an eye sore at the bottom of my garden?

We would hope that you would have chosen to call us from looking at our portfolio, however you can rest assured that we take a collaborative approach to developing land. We always work in partnership with the landowner right up until detailed planning permission is obtained. We even put you in touch with landscapers to ensure your remaining garden is enjoyable for years to come.

Will I de-value my property by selling off my land?

That is never our intention. We never take on a a piece of land unless we are certain we can add value to the surrounding properties. We will work with you to develop a scheme that will sit alongside your property and your neighbours with minimum impact, so it is very unlikely that you will lose value.

How quickly will I be able to receive an offer for my land?

A formal offer will be made for your land once we have researched the site and established potential for planning permission. This will normally take place within three weeks of our first meeting but can vary from development to development.

If it is so easy, can I just get planning permission myself?

Obtaining planning permission sounds easy, but it is fraught with difficulty and not for the faint hearted. High costs associated with architects and solicitors fees add to the stress and piles of paperwork. Why not simply let us take the hassle out of it for you to unlock the capital faster.

What areas do you buy land, sell land and sell new homes in?

We will consider any piece of land in Berkshire and the surrounding counties, however we do specialise in the following areas:
Wokingham, Ascot, Bracknell, Camberley, Guildford and Sandhurst.

For a non-obligation quote please contact us today. 

Unlock the potential in your land:

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